Why Do Dogs Need Rescuing?

Why Do Dogs Need RescuingIt’s easy to assume that every dog in a shelter has an issue whether health or behavioral, however that is not the case. It is often a problem with humans, not dogs, that results in a dog needing rescuing. The main causes of a dog finding itself in a shelter are listed below:

  • Moving – many people move to a new country or a smaller house, and simply can’t take their pet with them. Their dog then ends up in a shelter.
  • Allergies – while a dog may be friendly to a child, if a child is allergic, parents have no choice but to put the dog up for adoption.
  • Laziness – a lot of people buy a puppy without realizing that their training is hard work. They don’t want to put the work in, so give up the puppy
  • Change in lifestyle – while moving is the main cause, if people start a new job and won’t be at home as much, have an accident that leaves them unable to care for a dog, have kids who need more attention, or even just get old and can’t exercise the pet enough, they can end up giving their pet to a shelter with good intentions.
  • Costs – dogs do need certain things, like food, bedding, and health care. If people aren’t prepared for this, or hit hard financial times, then they may be forced to give up their pet, knowing that a shelter will provide proper care.
  • Strays – if a dog is found roaming and hasn’t been chipped, it will be sent to a shelter. If the owners are never found, it can be put forward for re-homing.

It’s clear from the above reasons that dogs can be loved and cared for, and still end up in a shelter. A proportion may be abused and rescues from a violent home, and therefore have specific needs, however it’s possible to find a healthy happy pooch in a shelter. Even those with behavior issues may also be worth the work.