What Makes Rescue Dogs Great?

Rescue DogsMore and more people are opting for a rescue dog these days, and it’s not hard to see why. For one, you have the satisfaction of doing a good deed and providing a pooch that genuinely needs a home with a family and some safety and security. It’s much easier to feel like you’ve done some good and made a difference to an innocent animals life when you take them home from a kennel where they were dumped than when you hand over hard-earned cash to a professional breeder.

There are certain health issues that are often associated with pedigree dogs. The amount of inbreeding that occurs in pedigree circles should be illegal, as it results in sickly dogs, who are more likely to succumb to illnesses. For some people the initial concern is the fact that vet’s bills will be astronomical for the time you own the dog, whereas others will be aware that dogs become part of the family. It is then heartbreaking to watch a family member suffer and be in constant pain and in need of medical attention.

Rescue dogs are stunning! They often combine the best features of your favorite breeds, and have lovely, sunny personalities. While some abused dogs may need a special home, they are all looking for someone to love, and let’s be honest, even the ugliest dogs are cute in their own way.

A rescue dog may be a mongrel, but that doesn’t mean you have no control over the breed you take. If you’re looking at pups and want to make sure you don’t end up with a huge dog, or something related to a breed you may be a little wary of, then you can ask the people at the kennel or shelter what they think the dog is. Once a vet has looked over a rescue pup, they’re normally able to determine what dog breed the pup is, so you can still have some sort of idea of the dog you’re taking home and the behavior normally associated with it.

You won’t regret bringing a rescue dog home.