Using Technology To Care For Your Dog

Using Technology To Care For Your DogNothing can replace the loving care and affection a dog gets from real one to one interaction with it’s owner. We all know that nothing makes our pet happier than seeing us walk through the door after being at work for the day. However, there are some amazing gadgets and gizmos that can be used to enhance your interaction with your dog, which can make caring for them a lot easier, especially if you have to work through the day. Some great examples of technology that can help you care for your dog include:

  • FitBark – much like the tracker that humans wear to monitor their steps and heartbeat, this helps you monitor your dogs activity and make sure they get enough exercise every day.
  • PetChatz – this helps you video chat with your dog. If you want to keep an eye on them while they’re at home and you’re not, you call the monitor display that you can affix anywhere in your home. You can then see your pet, and your pet can be comforted by seeing you.
  • Tagg Pet Tracker – While having a dog chipped can make it easy for a vet or shelter to find their owners, it’s not always helpful for the owner when their dog is missing. This helps you track your dog so accurately that you can drive right up to them.

Doggy gadgets are a growing industry, and just about any idea could turn into a serious pay packet. While starting any new business comes with tasks like marketing, SEO Hosting, manufacturing and investments, people seem happy to spend on their pets. If you have a great idea for some technology that would revolutionize the way we take care of our pets, or would even just be a cool gadget, why not try to make a business? It could be the way to success!