How To Choose A Rescue Dog

How To Choose A Rescue DogWhen you first walk into that shelter full of puppies and dogs, it can seem impossible to make a choice and leave with just one. In order to avoid with a car full of dogs, it can be really helpful to figure out what you’re looking for before you arrive. The following points are what some experts recommend you consider when choosing a rescue dog.

What Do You Want From Your Dog?

If you regularly jog you and/or work out, then you may want a dog who can come along with you. This would lead to a very different selection from someone who wants a pet they can curl up on the couch with after a long day, and different again from someone who maybe wants a dog who can play with kids or go for long strolls. These factors should be given priority as bringing home a dog with the wrong kind of energy levels could be bad for both of you.

Learn What A Friendly Dog Looks Like

Even the most inexperienced people can pick up on what a friendly dog looks like, and can watch out for this when you go to the shelter. Wagging tails, squinty eyes and a relaxed body are all good signs, as is a bark. However, if the bark is low or coming from the chest, if the dog sits still or crouches or tries to charge at you, then this dog may not be the friendliest companion, and only animal owners who are confident and experienced should take them on.

Ask The Trainer For Help

Be honest about what you want in a pet, otherwise you could be given misleading information. The dog trainers at a shelter know the dogs there well, and will be able to tell you exactly which pups would fit with what you want in terms of energy, behavior and size.

While going to a shelter may not be as straightforward as picking up a pedigree puppy, you actually have a lot more control over the kind of dog you end up with.