Dogs Of Instagram

Dogs Of InstagramThe internet and technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of daily life. From how we communicate, to how we shop, to how we work, there is no doubt that mankind has been transformed forever as a result of technological advances. While this is a good thing for the most part – it’s resulted in better communication, faster resources and services, and a whole wealth of information and knowledge that is freely shared and exchanged, there are some bizarre trends that have accompanied the rise of the internet and technology.

One unprecedented development has been the rise of social media. From Facebook’s humble origins as a tools for students, all the way through to Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat which have taken over mass communication, between families as well as celebrities. One of the most surprising features is the constant appearance of pets and cute animals all across the platforms. People fill their feeds with pictures of their pets, which is a super cute way to share the love. From the hashtag for dogs of Instagram, to face swapping with pets, to the puppy filter on snap chat, there’s no doubt that technology has just made us feel even closer to our pets.

Apps are another key development that have risen to huge levels of popularity ever since the smart phone and the iPad were introduced to the world. There are now apps for everything, including dog and pet grooming, health, and well being tips, photos of cute animals, facts about animals, or even tips on how to take cute photos of pets. It used to be difficult to create apps, but now with mobile app development platform it’s super simple. Absolutely anyone can create an app about something they care about, and for many people the thing they care most about is their beloved dog.

Whether it’s via an app or social media, the internet and technology can make the bond between you and your pet stronger than ever.