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How To Choose A Rescue Dog

How To Choose A Rescue DogWhen you first walk into that shelter full of puppies and dogs, it can seem impossible to make a choice and leave with just one. In order to avoid with a car full of dogs, it can be really helpful to figure out what you’re looking for before you arrive. The following points are what some experts recommend you consider when choosing a rescue dog.

What Do You Want From Your Dog?

If you regularly jog you and/or work out, then you may want a dog who can come along with you. This would lead to a very different selection from someone who wants a pet they can curl up on the couch with after a long day, and different again from someone who maybe wants a dog who can play with kids or go for long strolls. These factors should be given priority as bringing home a dog with the wrong kind of energy levels could be bad for both of you.

Learn What A Friendly Dog Looks Like

Even the most inexperienced people can pick up on what a friendly dog looks like, and can watch out for this when you go to the shelter. Wagging tails, squinty eyes and a relaxed body are all good signs, as is a bark. However, if the bark is low or coming from the chest, if the dog sits still or crouches or tries to charge at you, then this dog may not be the friendliest companion, and only animal owners who are confident and experienced should take them on.

Ask The Trainer For Help

Be honest about what you want in a pet, otherwise you could be given misleading information. The dog trainers at a shelter know the dogs there well, and will be able to tell you exactly which pups would fit with what you want in terms of energy, behavior and size.

While going to a shelter may not be as straightforward as picking up a pedigree puppy, you actually have a lot more control over the kind of dog you end up with.

Using Technology To Care For Your Dog

Using Technology To Care For Your DogNothing can replace the loving care and affection a dog gets from real one to one interaction with it’s owner. We all know that nothing makes our pet happier than seeing us walk through the door after being at work for the day. However, there are some amazing gadgets and gizmos that can be used to enhance your interaction with your dog, which can make caring for them a lot easier, especially if you have to work through the day. Some great examples of technology that can help you care for your dog include:

  • FitBark – much like the tracker that humans wear to monitor their steps and heartbeat, this helps you monitor your dogs activity and make sure they get enough exercise every day.
  • PetChatz – this helps you video chat with your dog. If you want to keep an eye on them while they’re at home and you’re not, you call the monitor display that you can affix anywhere in your home. You can then see your pet, and your pet can be comforted by seeing you.
  • Tagg Pet Tracker – While having a dog chipped can make it easy for a vet or shelter to find their owners, it’s not always helpful for the owner when their dog is missing. This helps you track your dog so accurately that you can drive right up to them.

Doggy gadgets are a growing industry, and just about any idea could turn into a serious pay packet. While starting any new business comes with tasks like marketing, SEO Hosting, manufacturing and investments, people seem happy to spend on their pets. If you have a great idea for some technology that would revolutionize the way we take care of our pets, or would even just be a cool gadget, why not try to make a business? It could be the way to success!

Mongrels and Crossbreeds

While these two terms may sound similar, they actually refer to very different things.

Mongrels and CrossbreedsA cross breed dog has been created intentionally. This means human breeders have made the conscious choice to breed two different breeds of dog, and the cross breed is the desired outcome. This has been done in part as a response to the health problems that many pure breed dogs suffer, but also as a means of trying to produce certain traits or characteristics. Common examples of these dogs include; Husky-Malamute, known as a Huskamute;Pug and Beagle, known as a Puggle. Labradoodles, Gollies, and Westiepoos are all other examples of crossbreed dogs, where owners have intentionally combined two breeds in order to attain specific features they like in both dogs. These cross breeds are considered highly desirable, and often come with high price tags. In other words, cross breeds may differ from the mongrels you find in your local shelter.

A mongrel differs from a crossbreed in the sense that they are a result of natural, rather than artificial selection. Humans haven’t been involved in their creation at all, and they may have an entirely mixed ancestry, where even their parents and grandparents were mongrels, which as a result makes them hard to link with any specific breed. Some mongrels may not look like their parents at all, and will instead take on characteristics as a result of recessive genes, which can complicate identifying them further.

While they may not represent the traditional standard of attractiveness for dogs, there is a growing interest in them, and many people now prefer a mixed-breed, or mutt, to it’s well bred counter part. This is not surprising as people want healthy dogs, who will live a long time, and are less likely to care about status or looks when looking for a companion – they just want something with puppy dog eyes that they can cuddle and play with.

Dogs Of Instagram

Dogs Of InstagramThe internet and technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of daily life. From how we communicate, to how we shop, to how we work, there is no doubt that mankind has been transformed forever as a result of technological advances. While this is a good thing for the most part – it’s resulted in better communication, faster resources and services, and a whole wealth of information and knowledge that is freely shared and exchanged, there are some bizarre trends that have accompanied the rise of the internet and technology.

One unprecedented development has been the rise of social media. From Facebook’s humble origins as a tools for students, all the way through to Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat which have taken over mass communication, between families as well as celebrities. One of the most surprising features is the constant appearance of pets and cute animals all across the platforms. People fill their feeds with pictures of their pets, which is a super cute way to share the love. From the hashtag for dogs of Instagram, to face swapping with pets, to the puppy filter on snap chat, there’s no doubt that technology has just made us feel even closer to our pets.

Apps are another key development that have risen to huge levels of popularity ever since the smart phone and the iPad were introduced to the world. There are now apps for everything, including dog and pet grooming, health, and well being tips, photos of cute animals, facts about animals, or even tips on how to take cute photos of pets. It used to be difficult to create apps, but now with mobile app development platform it’s super simple. Absolutely anyone can create an app about something they care about, and for many people the thing they care most about is their beloved dog.

Whether it’s via an app or social media, the internet and technology can make the bond between you and your pet stronger than ever.

Why Do Dogs Need Rescuing?

Why Do Dogs Need RescuingIt’s easy to assume that every dog in a shelter has an issue whether health or behavioral, however that is not the case. It is often a problem with humans, not dogs, that results in a dog needing rescuing. The main causes of a dog finding itself in a shelter are listed below:

  • Moving – many people move to a new country or a smaller house, and simply can’t take their pet with them. Their dog then ends up in a shelter.
  • Allergies – while a dog may be friendly to a child, if a child is allergic, parents have no choice but to put the dog up for adoption.
  • Laziness – a lot of people buy a puppy without realizing that their training is hard work. They don’t want to put the work in, so give up the puppy
  • Change in lifestyle – while moving is the main cause, if people start a new job and won’t be at home as much, have an accident that leaves them unable to care for a dog, have kids who need more attention, or even just get old and can’t exercise the pet enough, they can end up giving their pet to a shelter with good intentions.
  • Costs – dogs do need certain things, like food, bedding, and health care. If people aren’t prepared for this, or hit hard financial times, then they may be forced to give up their pet, knowing that a shelter will provide proper care.
  • Strays – if a dog is found roaming and hasn’t been chipped, it will be sent to a shelter. If the owners are never found, it can be put forward for re-homing.

It’s clear from the above reasons that dogs can be loved and cared for, and still end up in a shelter. A proportion may be abused and rescues from a violent home, and therefore have specific needs, however it’s possible to find a healthy happy pooch in a shelter. Even those with behavior issues may also be worth the work.

How To Find A Rescue Dog

Find A Rescue DogLike most aspects of life, technology and the internet have made finding a pup easier than ever. Finding a rescue dog used to involve weeks of driving to every shelter in your local area, waiting and hoping that the perfect dog would suddenly be there, and you’d find your spirit animal and take them home that day. That was a lot of time and effort, which was often wasted as the shelters simply wouldn’t have what you were looking for.

These days, once you decide to get a dog, a quick search online can help you find your perfect pooch. Whether it’s via a Google alert, an app, social media or websites, you have access to all of the dogs in your local area and can choose which shelters to visit based on the information available. You can click here to find out more about how the internet and technology has made daily life and tasks so much easier.

Most shelters now have their own websites, with helpful features such as filters, so you can narrow down your search to the kind of animal you’re looking for. This means you won’t miss out on your perfect animal, nor will you drive around the country side only to learn a shelter doesn’t have a dog for you. Social media is also a really great tool, as you can base your search in your local area and even find posts about rescue animals that aren’t linked to formal shelters. This is like the new version of word of mouth, and you can contact people who have found abandoned pups and take them off their hands.

The Internet and technology can also help you be sure that the dog you are buying hasn’t been stolen from a family and you can do a little back ground check on the seller to make sure they don’t have a bad reputation.

There’s no doubt that Internet and technology has revolutionized so many aspects of daily life, finding a rescue dog included.

What Makes Rescue Dogs Great?

Rescue DogsMore and more people are opting for a rescue dog these days, and it’s not hard to see why. For one, you have the satisfaction of doing a good deed and providing a pooch that genuinely needs a home with a family and some safety and security. It’s much easier to feel like you’ve done some good and made a difference to an innocent animals life when you take them home from a kennel where they were dumped than when you hand over hard-earned cash to a professional breeder.

There are certain health issues that are often associated with pedigree dogs. The amount of inbreeding that occurs in pedigree circles should be illegal, as it results in sickly dogs, who are more likely to succumb to illnesses. For some people the initial concern is the fact that vet’s bills will be astronomical for the time you own the dog, whereas others will be aware that dogs become part of the family. It is then heartbreaking to watch a family member suffer and be in constant pain and in need of medical attention.

Rescue dogs are stunning! They often combine the best features of your favorite breeds, and have lovely, sunny personalities. While some abused dogs may need a special home, they are all looking for someone to love, and let’s be honest, even the ugliest dogs are cute in their own way.

A rescue dog may be a mongrel, but that doesn’t mean you have no control over the breed you take. If you’re looking at pups and want to make sure you don’t end up with a huge dog, or something related to a breed you may be a little wary of, then you can ask the people at the kennel or shelter what they think the dog is. Once a vet has looked over a rescue pup, they’re normally able to determine what dog breed the pup is, so you can still have some sort of idea of the dog you’re taking home and the behavior normally associated with it.

You won’t regret bringing a rescue dog home.

Why Get a Dog?

Why Get a DogFor anyone who has seen a picture of a puppy on Facebook in the last few weeks, it’s clear to see why someone would want such a cute little fur ball to light up their lives. However, there are actually plenty of reasons to get a dog, and they go way beyond the fact that they’re cute when they’re pups.

They’re Good for Your Physical Health

Having a dog means that at least once or twice a day, you will get up off the couch and go for a walk. Depending on the energy levels of your dog, you may even go for a jog. For some people, this could result in a total lifestyle overhaul, and you’ll soon feel the benefits of getting some daily fresh air and exercise. Plus, by walking around you’ll get some vitamin D, and enjoy great-looking skin with a healthy glow.

They’re Good for Mental Health

‘Therapets’ may be a relatively new phenomenon, however it’s not hard to see why coming home to a pet every day would be good for your mental health. Animals make us feel connected to the world, and a dog is always happy to see you, which can provide a real boost on bad days. Dogs are able to sense our moods, and will actively try to comfort it. Plus, getting outside for their walk can help with endorphins and managing feelings of stress and anxiety, while cuddling up with them can combat feelings of isolation.

They Make You Feel Safe

After a divorce or break up, it can feel really strange coming home to an empty house, and you may feel a little alone or unprotected. Having a dog around can help you feel a lot more secure, especially as they’re a proven deterrent for home invaders and burglars.

They’re Good for Kids

Children love animals and vice versa, and having a pet around the house can really help with your child’s social and emotional development.

There are so many pros and hardly any cons when it comes to getting a dog.

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This website will provide you with all the information you need on owning and caring for a dog, particularly a rescue dog.

It’s hard to deny that pedigree dogs like Labradors, spaniels, or German Shepherds are beautiful. However, can you really say that mongrels aren’t completely adorable too? Mongrels are more likely to be up for adoption than a pedigree dog, however they are often as beautiful if not more so, combining some of the best features of other dogs.

And, it’s not just about looks. It’s common knowledge that within the doggy world, a lot of inbreeding has taken place in order to keep pedigree lines pure. Having a gene pool that lacks diversity as a result of this makes pedigree dogs far more susceptible to health problems down the line, while a mutt will normally enjoy a healthy, long life, saving you heart ache and vet’s fees. Plus, you can be sure you’re not funding cruel breeding practices, such as those where female dogs are bred too regularly, or unhealthy features, such as the short snout on a bull dog, are promoted, even though it makes it hard for a dog to breathe,

When considering a canine companion, it’s hard to resist a rescue dog.