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dogWho doesn’t love a dog? They’re known around the world as man’s best friend and there’s no doubt that they are a far more superior companion in caparison to cats. Aside from being loyal, beautiful and intelligent, having a dog is a great way to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Heading out for a long walk is never a problem when you have your four legged friend to encourage you!

This website will provide you with all the information you need on owning and caring for a dog, particularly a rescue dog.

It’s hard to deny that pedigree dogs like Labradors, spaniels, or German Shepherds are beautiful. However, can you really say that mongrels aren’t completely adorable too? Mongrels are more likely to be up for adoption than a pedigree dog, however they are often as beautiful if not more so, combining some of the best features of other dogs.

And, it’s not just about looks. It’s common knowledge that within the doggy world, a lot of inbreeding has taken place in order to keep pedigree lines pure. Having a gene pool that lacks diversity as a result of this makes pedigree dogs far more susceptible to health problems down the line, while a mutt will normally enjoy a healthy, long life, saving you heart ache and vet’s fees. Plus, you can be sure you’re not funding cruel breeding practices, such as those where female dogs are bred too regularly, or unhealthy features, such as the short snout on a bull dog, are promoted, even though it makes it hard for a dog to breathe,

When considering a canine companion, it’s hard to resist a rescue dog.