Why Do Dogs Need Rescuing?

Why Do Dogs Need Rescuing?

It’s easy to assume that every dog in a shelter has an issue whether health or behavioral, however that is not the case. It is often a problem with humans, not dogs, More »

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Who doesn't love a dog? They're known around the world as man's best friend and there's no doubt that they are a far more superior companion in caparison to cats. Aside from being loyal, beautiful and intelligent, having a dog is a great way to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Heading out for a long walk is never a problem when you have your four legged friend to encourage you More
  • Mongrels and Crossbreeds

    • A cross breed dog has been created intentionally. This means human breeders have made the conscious choice to breed two different breeds of dog, and the cross breed is the desired outcome. This has been done in part as a response to the health problems that many pure breed dogs suffer, but also as a means of trying to produce certain traits or characteristics More »
  • How To Find A Rescue Dog

    • Like most aspects of life, technology and the internet have made finding a pup easier than ever. Finding a rescue dog used to involve weeks of driving to every shelter in your local area, waiting and hoping that the perfect dog would suddenly be there, and you'd find your spirit animal and take them home that day. That was a lot of time and effort, which was often wasted as the shelters simply More »
  • Why Get a Dog?

    • Having a dog means that at least once or twice a day, you will get up off the couch and go for a walk. Depending on the energy levels of your dog, you may even go for a jog. For some people, this could result in a total lifestyle overhaul, and you'll soon feel the benefits of getting some daily fresh air and exercise. Plus, by walking around you'll get some vitamin D, and enjoy great-looking More »